Brain Füd’s Start Up Story

Written by Philip Udeh

Founder of Brain Füd.

I launched Brain Füd after struggling with chronic fatigue for years due to hereditary blood disorder Sickle Cell Anaemia. I have spent many afternoons dozing off at my desk, something I’m sure that many people can also relate to… I’ve never been a coffee drinker and the sugar-filled energy drinks are frighteningly unhealthy… I wanted something to help me feel more alive whilst actually doing me some good! However, I couldn’t find a healthy energy drink available in the mainstream – so I started making energy blends at home with my Nutri-Bullet.

One Sunday afternoon something clicked and I decided to search “Food Technologists in London” on Google. I dialled the first number I found and had a 30-minute chat with an industry veteran. The following week I paid him and a couple of colleagues a pretty large fee for a development day. Convinced that I had a chance, I embarked on the journey and the idea for Brain Füd born! After two years of hard work and product development we’re now launching our Smarter Energy Drink!

Our drinks will help you get that morning spring in your step, a natural boost before or after your workout, as well as to beat that afternoon slump. When you need hydration as well as energy, a fizzy sugary energy drink or cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. I wanted Brain Füd to provide a smarter source of energy, helping you to achieve your goals, naturally!

Ordinary energy drinks contain high amounts of added sugar and artificial ingredients such as Taurine. Brain Füd contains no added sugar – only naturally occurring sugar from fruit juices. With no artificial flavours or preservatives and 75mg of natural caffeine from Guarana, it’s clever, it’s clean and (of course) it tastes great! What better way to switch on & power up?

Now available to buy on Amazon and our website.

Philip Udeh

Founder of Brain Füd


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