Time for a diet change?

I like sugar-and in a bad, bad way; I also like meat. There’s a problem with this.

By way of introduction: my name is Lydia, I am a trainee journalist, and I blog daily at mademoisellewomen.com. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, which I think contributes to my odd relationship with food. When I’m eating, I dislike membrane foods-like peas and sweetcorn-because of the feel in my mouth, due to hypersensitivity issues. (It’s the ‘pop’ they make.) I also have trouble swallowing sometimes. And too much sugar and meat makes me feel sick at the best of times. So, a challenge was issued; try to give up sweets and meat for a week. (Spoilers: I could not do all at once.)


Stress contributes to bad food choices, I feel. We were let out a little bit late from my Journalism class-shorthand from 6.30 to 8.30 weekly. The train is at 9.02. A food shop seemed to be open; it was not, and the people behind the counter laughed at me when I set foot in the shop. This gets me flustered; ‘I NEED FOOD’ is what the voice in my head is screeching. I end up buying one chocolate bar, and a pack of pinballs. I feel a bit sick on the way home-having managed eighteen and a bit hours without sugar but feeling so much better without it. However, this is not good for very long; my mood crashes later that night.


Dinner is delicious; Rice, vegetables, sweet chilli sauce, and two samosas. I still can’t manage on the sugar front, but I have on the meat front-it’s day three, after all. However, I will admit that I crave a burger. Deadlines are approaching, and I have a lot to write; ‘please lift me out of this place’ is all that I can think.


Mexican! A favourite meal of my family-with wraps, nachos, lettuce, carrots, and a magnitude of delicious toppings. It is the first time that I feel full, properly full-this week. I also have still not touched any meat this week, and I feel so much better for it; lighter, and more bouncy, even.

This week was really tough; I could not manage both things at once. However, I do feel a lot better for not eating meat like I usually do. I may have the occasional piece of meat, but it won’t be a permanent fixture in every meal; the less I eat, the better. Stress seems to be what controls the amount of sugar I consume, and I know that it has recently reached unhealthy proportions as time goes on; that’s the next thing on my list to tackle.


By Lydia Wilkins.

Lydia Wilkins blogs at mademoisellewomen.com to document her Asperger’s; she is an online columnist for her county newspaper, and a trainee NCTJ journalist.


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