Fun meat alternatives for new vegetarians

Hi Guys it’s your girl Ray from IndustryMe here. Those who follow me know that I am a massive foodie, so naturally I was ecstatic when an opportunity to work with Brain Fud arose.

I very much believe I am the queen when it comes to seasoning food, but with that being said there are not enough hours in my day to make tofu taste great, don’t panic I’ve been there too. I promise you all, I tried, but it just wasn’t for me.

While I am no longer vegetarian, simply because I couldn’t find a replacement for bacon, I did manage to wear the badge for two years. During the time I have learnt how to make some of my favourite recipes using meat alternatives. That is exactly what I will be sharing with you today.


Lentils are an excellent replacement for ground meat. I often used lentils for making my meat free burgers. They are less mushy than beans and have a consistency and texture that is a little closer to meat. I also find that they cook quite quickly too. They are a great source of lean protein and fibre and are incredibly versatile working well in other dishes such as soups and stews.

Beans and Peas

These are not exactly meat replacements for me because they do not match the consistency of meat in my opinion. With that being said if you are looking for something that is equally as filling, a little healthier and tastes just as good seasoned, then beans and definitely a great alternative. One of my favourite meals to make is a Broad bean and chickpea curry. It is just as yummy as a regular curry with a shorter cooking time.


Next on the list is Jackfruit. Now I haven’t tried this personally but from what I hear from my food bloggers across the pond it’s a great substitute if you are looking for something with a slightly sweeter taste. It works very well as a beef, chicken or pork substitute in barbecues and stir-fry’s.


For those who are feeling a little less adventurous Quorn has it all mapped out. Their range has something for everyone – minus bacon of course. They have a wide range of chicken, pork and beef substitutes that all work well if you follow the cooking instructions.

For those who are just beginning the journey, I would be lying if I said it was easy but it gets a lot better after week three when you’ve started to adjust. For those who are losing motivation keep going, you’ve made it this far. Finally, for those who are just looking for healthier options its fun to try to new things, so be bold and explore.

Good luck to you all!

I am a London based music & Lifestyle blogger. I very much see my platform as a voice for upcoming creatives and an advocate for diversity and inclusiveness.
By Ray Sang
Ray Sang Blogger

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