5 ways to beat the winter blues

By Christiana Botziou

5 ways to beat the winter blues!

The dark nights are creeping up on us, we dread the horrendous sound of the alarm clock going off and the thought of leaving our cosy warm beds and houses to step out into the cold gives us nightmares! Not to mention catching the sniffles, or worse! Your work is piling up and you can feel very unmotivated and sad. But do not fear, here are 5 ways that you can beat the winter blues

1.     Eat healthily

Eat lots of fresh fruit and veg. Foods like Pomegranate, dark leafy greens, citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit, are at their juiciest in the wintertime and can add sunshine to the dreary winter. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids, to keep your mind and body in harmony

2.     Get enough sleep

Work life and social engagements in the winter can mean a lot of late nights and parties, but make time for yourself over the winter months too.

3.     Have long, relaxing baths

I love baths in the winter. I sprinkle in Epsom bath salts and some lavender and soak in the tub for ages drinking a cup of tea and reading a book.

4.     Exercise

This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to go to a gym when you have no interest or time to do so. I do not go to the gym, but I swim regularly, take a ballet class once a week and do a 10 minute exercise routine every morning. Stuck on what exercises to do? There are plenty of YouTube videos out there for exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home!

5.     Take a break from social media.

Social media can be a blessing but also a bit of a curse. Everywhere you look, there are pictures and videos of people’s happy, wonderful lives. Images are popping up on your screen of sun worshippers enjoying their beach holidays and their luxury lifestyles, while you are slaving away at your desk. Take a break from social media for a while. You will feel much better about yourself and your own life. Remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and what we see on social media is usually an enhanced or unrealistic view of someone’s life, so don’t get too consumed by it!

Christiana is a UK blogger with a passion for Greek plate – smashing. In 2012 she was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and shares fantastic gluten free recipe’s over on her blog. Contact Christiana on; 

Christiana Botziou


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