What Would You do if You Had an Unlimited Amount of Energy? | Brain Füd

By Amy Hunt

What would I do?

It’s something that you hear in a school play ground or, perhaps you have that one person in the office that insists on asking metaphorical questions. I am that person. I’m constantly asking people questions like;

What would you do if Tom Hardy walked over to you right now? Would you cry? Would you freak out? What would you do?

What if  you fell off a boat? Would someone save you?  Would you save yourself? How?

What if a lion burst through your bedroom window? Would you hide, Would you try to run?

There are so many what if questions, and so many answers behind them. Knowing what someone answers to a what-if question is a small insight into who they are, or how they think it can even offer an alternative option you never considered. It’s why children use them so often, finding out if their friend is similar to them or finding out an answer to a problem. What if ‘I told you I fancy you?’ It offers you a way of asking a question without getting hurt by the answer along with a sneaky interest in the answer too.

That’s why, I think, Brain Füd offered this question up. This one is a pretty good what-if for a health girl and a writer. I feel as though I never have enough time or energy to get everything in the day done.

So back to the real question – What would I do with unlimited energy?

me cliff

Well I’d love to tell you that I’d do the things I’ve always wanted to, I’d go backpacking and just walk across Europe. I’d have the energy to walk the whole route, go sight seeing and even walk over mountains. Just think of that experience!

In real-life though, I’d want to be practical. If I really had unlimited energy I’d probably complete my normal mundane tasks. The things that take me (what feels like) several hours. I’d do them in a half-time and by mid-day I’d actually have the time go to the gym, feel the burn & get a great workout. It’s the little things in life.

Energy and speed  to get tasks done also give you time – If you can push through and actually get more done in your work day you’ll find you have a tonne of spare time. If that would happen?

I’d have the time and energy to finally learn another language. Oh to be the lucky ones eh? – It’s 11am on a Tuesday morning and I’m in a sports bra and my grubby joggers because I am not that lucky, I do not have unlimited energy and I certainly don’t have time nor energy to dress myself properly.

That’s just it thought isn’t it. We all could find unlimited energy. We could eat the right things and get up an hour early, motivate ourselves to do more with our days. Pushing past that mid-day fatigue, perhaps I should go put some trousers on and finally get round to publishing that article I promised last week? Yep, I think I will.

I’m upping my game, I’m using my unlimited energy today, will you?

Amy is a freelance writer in the midlands who writes specifically about health & well being on her own blog, http://www.purelyamy.co.uk/. After suffering with Bulimia for a few years she taught herself the nutritional value of food and wanted to share her new found passion. By starting PurelyAmy she now offers personal insights into general healthy eating habits through her qualifications in; nutrition and sports recovery.

Twitter: @purelyamy_blog
Instagram: @purelyamy 



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