3 Things I Would Do If I Had an Unlimited Amount of Energy

By Carly Brown

I think becoming a parent completely changes your outlook on energy. Like, I had times where I was tired before I had my babies, but I would factor in about two days worth of rest to recover and ‘catch-up’. Nowadays, two hours would be a total luxury. So many things have become finite currency since I became a mum to my 3-year-old and 7-month-old: minutes (yes, minutes!) of sleep, showers had (preferably alone), meals eaten with two hands, and, of course, energy.


(Image: Creative Commons)

Here are 3 things I would do if I had an unlimited amount of energy:

Spend an entire day playing with the kids

Now, I know this seems like a pretty easy one as it is, perhaps moreso, if you, yourself don’t have children (if this is you, I challenge you to find you nearest parent of a lively 3-year-old and volunteer to play with them at 110% effort for just an hour). But not all children are the same and they all like different styles of play (sometimes ALL the styles of play in one day!). Depending on your own particular likes and dislikes, it can get pretty tiring, pretty quick and it doesn’t take long before the guilt sets in. I would love to give my kids the gift of doing nothing but playing with all my might for an entire day!

Write my book in a week

Do I have a book in progress? No. Do I have an idea for one? Tonnes. Will I be published one day? You betcha. Am I going to make a start then, since it won’t write itself? Well I’ve got work to do, and kids to home educate and a house to take care of and…a bucket load of excuses! I could totally start writing my book in teeny baby-steps, a tiny bit at a time, every day. But I’d love even more to be bestowed with unlimited energy so I could get it cracked in one fell swoop!


(Image: Creative Commons)

Run a marathon

I’ve never run a marathon and haven’t ran a significant distance for quite a while, but I was a fair distance runner at school and I’d really love to be sponsored for a distance run for a charity close to my heart, such as Mind (it’s another one on the ‘one day’ list!).

Loads of our daydreams can actually become reality if we stay grounded and focus on working on  one step at a time instead of the entire mountain…but it’s still fun to dream!

What is the first thing you would you do if you had unlimited energy?

Carly Brown is a home educating mum of 2 girls, born in 2014 and 2016 and lives in Birmingham, UK. She is a freelance writer, virtual assistant, and parenting blogger, writing about gentle parenting, children’s rights and postnatal mental health. You can find her over at http://bornagainlioness.com.

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